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Is your heating system acting up? Don`t let the broken heater ruin your day and the climate in you house!

Our licensed and certified heating repair experts can reliably fix any type of domestic heater.

Whether it`s a wall heater, furnace, heat pump, or any other heating system – we got you covered.

Here What Our Customers Say

Margaret W.
Margaret W.
Santa Clarita, CA
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We had a problem with our heating in the middle of winter and needed it fixed immediately. Other agencies offered to come but they would only come five days later and would charge an outrageous consultation fee. I put a request on Yelp and they were the first to reply. They offered all the crucial information up front of when they would come, an average estimate for cost, and the promise of no consultation fee. They arrived the following day during the time window they offered, and found out the problem right away. They offered to fix it as soon as they got the parts, and they showed up ready to work the following day! Max was our technician, and he was so dedicated to the job. He worked throughout the day and did not even eat lunch. We ended up giving him a sandwich because he was such an astounding worker. We appreciate the honesty and hard work of this company. Will do business in the future!
Pepito F.
Pepito F.
West Los Angeles, CA
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They were quick to come fix our AC. They assessed the problem, then the tech gave us an estimate and very patiently answered all my questions. The problem was resolved in a matter of hours from first placing the call and both the technician and office staff were great to work with. Overall, it was a great experience.
AliyuSha K.
AliyuSha K.
Anaheim, CA
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Thank you so much for the fast response! I have received call back immediately and got my problem solved the next day. For our business it was urgent and I am grateful for your customer service and professionalism! Would highly recommend!
Aleksandr S.
Aleksandr S.
Los Angeles, CA
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I had a dishwasher that was not draining at one of my units. They provided great communication & showed up on time. I have several rentals and it's nice when a service actually does what they promise. I will definitely use Cooling & Heating repair in the future.

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Our experienced heating system experts can instantly identify type of your wall heater, and offer prompt repair or replacement depending on the case. 



At Cooling & heating repair, with thousands of successfully repaired furnaces under out belts, we can ensure that your furnace will be fixed right way



Heat pumps come in various types, with air-source and ground-source (geothermal) being the most common.

Experts at Cooling & heating repair can either repair or install any type of heat pump system.



Not sure what kind of heater is used in your home? Give us a call and our licensed skilled experts can provide FREE phone consultation!

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